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HZDP is a member of the European Platform of Transport Sciences.


The registration of the Croatian Scientific Society for Transport as a non-profit civil organisation is based on the Law on civil associations. HZDP was founded in the year 1993, following a good experience of a former Croatian Association of Transport Engineers in the matters of a transport sciences and profession promotion.

HZDP is gathering the professionals of a transport as well as other profiles, extending the consciousness about the transport and traffic as a part of the overall human activities.

The Society's main activities are:



  • transport sciences and profession promotion,
  • journals, books and other publication editing,
  • organisation of congresses, symposia, conferences, workshops, lecturings and other meetings,
  • scientific and professional expertises producing,
  • execution of a scientific and professional surveys and projects,


  • fundamental and applicative studies execution,
  • collaboration with other Croatian and foreign associations,
  • transport education and care for traffic safety, particularly in road traffic,
  • promotion of Croatian transport sciences and profession, and
  • other activities connected to the scientific field of transport technology and related disciplines.


Headquarters: Siget 18c, P.Box 60, 10020 Zagreb, Novi Zagreb, Croatia.

Telephone/fax: (++) (385) (1) 6116 101; (++) (385) 91 2004 260.

e-mail: rotim@hzdp.hr,  fmihoci1@yahoo.com.

The Croatian Scientific Society for Transport ceases on December 31, 2017.